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QUOR cooperates with other complementary companies so as to provide a better service and improve our knowledge and developments.

We have established the following strategic alliances:

In 2005, QUOR created the AIR Alliance for International Research, a collaborative international network of institutes for field work in each country. AIR allows QUOR to offer international studies, ensuring the quality of the fieldwork and international questionnaires on a global level.

Thanks to our partners in this international network, QUOR has performed customer satisfaction studies, mystery shopping projects, prices control studies, U&A intercultural studies, market prospections for clients such as OJMAR, ULMA Construcción, ALDEASA, etc.

With AIR, QUOR has the capability to direct international studies, with field work in the following countries spread over four continents:

Europe: France, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Finland and Poland.

America: United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Colombia.

Africa and Middle East: Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan and Qatar

Asia: Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka and Singapore

AIR Alliance for International Research








We have developed our offer of Intelligence services for clients together with unica360.

unica360 is the team of professionals with which we integrate to: Design plans and customer loyalty programmes; Enrich and geo-reference Data; Modelling and Creating Intelligence Systems for Clients.

Unica 360º

The Mamikin Creative Skills Gym is focused on experimentation, innovation and improvement of the development of creative collective thinking skills.

Mamikin cooperates with QUOR and is a partner in innovative ideas generation projects and participatory processes:

  • Generation of Innovative Ideas for possible new lines of activity, based on the analysis of Technological and Social Trends and the collective work of thinking, ideation and creativity.
  • Organisation and management of participatory processes of strategic thinking, collating ideas and opinions, in companies and public institutions.
  • Organisation and management of World Cafés and collective work in large groups with citizens to participate in Municipal Action Plans; with full participation of companies’ commercial teams, to generate new communication and promotion action ideas.


Carlos Dias & Associates is a strategic and divergent thinking consultancy.

Our agreement with this partner allows QUOR to be the only company on the Spanish market that offers Value Analysis Studies, applying Value Mapping in Studies on Consumer Perception of Value with regard to the brands, products or services of our client companies.

Carlos Dias & Associates

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