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At QUOR we offer our knowledge, thinking and intellectual curiosity as the essential building blocks of our contribution. We reflect with our clients; contributing research and analysis of the voice of the citizenry, of consumers, clients, society, the market...

We are convinced that the factor that sets us apart from the rest is our capacity to find and analyse information so as to learn about and understand the changing environments in which institutions and companies have to operate.

We are fully committed to our mission, which is to improve the competitiveness of our clients in their respective markets.

Knowing, understanding and interpreting that black box that we call the citizenry, consumers, clients, society, markets to help our client is our mission.

We want to become one of the keystones in the strategic market thinking of our clients.

At QUOR, we are:

  • Empathic when it comes to understanding problems.
  • Creative in our approaches.
  • Rigorous in the information we collate.
  • Innovative in our technology and data processing techniques.
  • Deep in interpretation.
  • Coherent and ingenious in our advice.

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