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Porcentaje de entrevistas basadas en la búsqueda de candidatos a través de internet.

Observation is a mixed research technique that consists of viewing the behaviour of a user or consumer at the exact place and time at which the action that is to be studied takes place.

By implementing this technique, QUOR can analyse how any process of contracting or usage of a determined product or service develops. This technique can be applied to studies as diverse as:

  • Analysis of website usability and navigability
  • Behavioural patterns in the use of public transport
  • Study of consumer behaviour at the point of sale
  • Analysis of the flow of clients entering and exiting establishments, their use of the tills, etc.
  • ...

At QUOR, we use new technologies (tablets) to guarantee the collection, supervision and real-time control of the information collated by the Observers.

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