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32% of Spanish drivers use the “Travel Club” Card at Petrol Stations.

Ethnography is a method that originated in social anthropology and is based on the analysis of human behaviours in the same context and habitat in which they usually occur.

Translating this method to the context of market research has led Quor to apply techniques such as Accompanying Purchases and Ethnographic Interviews regularly in its studies.

Accompanying Purchase: the consumer’s behaviour is analysed by direct observation at the point of sale. This allows us to assess factors such as the route followed by the consumer inside a shop, time spent selecting products in each product category, response to offers, etc.

Ethnographic Interview: the consumer is interviewed and asked about their behaviour, as observed at the point of sale, or they are asked specific questions after direct observation of the products in the home such as furniture, clothes and textiles, contents of the fridge, etc. This renders information concerning the regularity of shopping trips, motivational insights, etc.


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